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Welcome on the website of De Roever Management & Consultancy. The organization for consultancy, (interim) management and sales in sports, event management and non-profit. De Roever Management & Consultancy was founded in 2014 by Jeroen de Roever a lifelong sports, events, non-profit and general management professional from the Netherlands. De Roever Management & Consultancy offers a truly independent approach based on Jeroen’s extended experience, his network and structured way of working, that will no doubt help you and your organization achieve your goals

After almost 15 years as a consultant, manager and director for a wide array of organizations in sports, event management, travel and non-profit, Jeroen decided it was time for a new refreshing phase in his professional life. During his work with his previous employers Jeroen experienced that truly independent and well founded consultants and interim managers in the world of sports, event and in the non-profit environment where a scarce. And at the same time he noticed that because of the fast-paced moving environments knowledge, networks and experience tended to get lost along the way as most processes don’t last long enough for true knowledge transfer or building lasting processes. The current event environment can be characterized as short span, high intensity, high workload, top quality and strictly deliverable driven. In Jeroen's opinion an environment in which an independent event- and management professional, with a wealth of knowledge and a big network, is equally (if not better) equipped than the big(ger) sports marketing and sports management agencies also offering these services. 

So he decided to use the experience and knowledge he has carefully assembled over the years and offer it to organizations in need of knowledge and management of the a wide array of projects in both the sports- and events worlds and the world of non-profit, as he experienced both worlds operate in a very similar manner.

It lead to a very successful organization in which Jeroen is consulting and/or operating on behalf of many national and international organizations (like, amongst others, the International Olympic Committee, TIG Sports, DNP)  on organizational structures, growth and sales strategies, management structures, bid management, operational & project management, sales, process implementation, change management and transfer of knowledge.

Jeroen specializes in (large) event management & consulting (including strategy, sponsors-matching, bid management, sales management and project management), with a strong emphasis on Hospitality, Ticketing, Travel & Accommodation, Sponsoring, Fundraising, Event organizing and Operational and Commercial Event Strategies. 


De Roever Management & Consultancy Services;

  • Strategic management consultancy
  • Process implementation
  • Project management
  • Ticketing & Hospitality Strategy and Sales
  • Bid Management- and Advice
  • Sponsor Finding and Fund Raising
  • Change management
  • Growth strategies
  • Sales Strategies & Execution


  • Transfer of knowledge

If you require more information on our company or services please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +31 6 13532308 or send us an email at